Air Quality 2020
Overview Programme showing Online Session titles and chairs

Note: 14:00 CEST = 20:00 (Shanghai) and 05:00 (San Francisco)

Time (CEST)Monday 18th MayTuesday 19th MayWednesday 20th MayMonday 25th MayTuesday 26th May
14:30Welcome ReceptionAir Pollution Sources and EmissionsAir Quality Management and Policy DevelopmentDevelopment, Application and Evaluation of Models for Local to Global ScalesAir Quality and Meteorological Predictions and Climate Interactions
ChairsNicolas Moussiopoulos, Ranjeet S SokhiJana Moldanova, Matthias KetzelRainer Friedrich, Tomas HalenkaJohn Bartzis, Isabelle CollPeter Suppan, Sandro Finardi
15:30PART 2 Change Over
15:35 – 17:00Keynote Talks

Plenary Talks
Special Session: Air Pollution in Urban AreasSpecial Session: Air Pollution and Health With: Exposure and Health Assessment Related to Air PollutionSpecial Session: Shipping and Air QualitySpecial Session: Sensors, Crowd Sourcing and Air Quality Model Simulations
ChairsNicolas Moussiopoulos, Ranjeet S SokhiAlexander Baklanov, Ranjeet S SokhiJaakko Kukkonen, Camilla GeelsLeonidas Ntziachristos, Volker MatthiasKlaus Schaefer, Nicolas Moussiopoulos
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